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Monday, September 20, 2010

InterwebUser, of LolDog fame

In other exciting news, one of my submissions to the loldog.com website (pictures of cute doggies with captions that brings happiness to the intertubes) was actually posted on the blog! With my name down at the bottom and everything! I'm famous! Well, at least my pseudonym, InterwebUser, is mildly famous-ish.

Here it is:
funny dog pictures-Carpet connoisseur dog  approves flooring choice
see more dog and puppy pictures
Ok, so the super cute dog may have had more to do with the selection than my caption. No, I don't actually know the dog. This picture had been submitted for captioning by someone else. But I captioned it! Woot!

In other news, I got two packs of diapers for Chelsea and Natalie for $5! Go go Gadget coupon!



Blogger Sara said...

Well when you get famous from all your blog-photo-captioning, I hope you remember all the little people you met and loved along the way...

Seriously, that's awesome :) And I'm also very very jealous of your couponing abilities. I need to get my lazy arse into couponing again.


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