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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Forget Politically Correct...

Merry Christ-mas!!

We are finally on our way home for the Holy-days, Helen and I. We just bought a very new Pontiac G6 with an ENORMOUS sunroof. It's really cool. I'd tell you about the horror and frustration that we've gone through to get it, but there's no time for such unpleasantness.

As an admin note, I'll be posting here a lot more often now because I finally know that I'm leaving for Iraq in early February of next year (i.e. 2007). Therefore, this blog will finally be put to its intended purpose.

We will try to make the trip back to Texas in one day, but we'll have to leave significantly later than I had hoped, because of the car fiasco. If need be, we'll stop. There's no need for a wreck, or anything. Unfortunately, I will be unable to see Matt or Stephen due to conflicting schedules, but there will be time for that after I get out of the Corps, Lord willing. Jacob and I have plans to shoot firearms of some sort at something inanimate, preferably in several different calibers. We may also be constructing a trebuchet and a small piece of more modern backyard artillery. My mother has set up an 'open-house' of sorts for friends to come over a gawk at the local Marine for a little while on the 27th & 28th. Hopefully, I'll get to see everyone at some point while I'm there. I was actually more nervous about coming home than I am about going to Iraq. There's been such tension when I've been home in the past, but I think things will go better this time

It looks like I'll spend most of my Iraq time on the base. It's kinda disappointing, actually.

"Yeah, I went to Iraq."
"That's cool, what'd you do?"
"I sat behind a desk the whole time."

Not exactly the conversation I'm looking forward to having when I get back. We'll see...

I'll leave you with this new quote: "There are two ways to slide easily through life: to believe everything or to doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking." -- Alfred Korzybski

More later...