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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Still here...

There's really not much to say. I'm working on getting internet in my room, but I just found out the other day that as of 2003, Iraq has never had a land communication line to the outside world. The only service provider I've found is called Blue Iraq and they offer satellite connections. I don't know how much, but there are several other guys who'll go in with me, so we'll see how it turns out.

I'm still working hard. I have a lot of responsibility over here. Work is going really well, it's very tedious at times, but it keeps me busy so that I don't pine for Helen the whole time.

It's really cold here, this morning. I didn't think it did that here during the day. It also rained a couple of days in a row. I knew that it did each in the desert, but not both... repeatedly.

Anyway, that's about it, really. I guess I'll have more to say in a week or so. Sorry guys ;-)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Finally, a Real Shower...

...but don't presume that I haven't showered at all before now, just not with soap.

I have finally made it to my final destination in Iraq and it is anything but rough. Three, sometimes four, meals a day. I barely work 10 hours a day and since it's in the evening, I've got practically the whole day to myself. I finally got in touch with Helen, which is comforting, but other than that everything is going without a hitch.

It's cold here, most of the time. Not freezing, but it gets down into the low 50s. Just kinda strange. I'm still adjusting, but everything here is mostly normal so adjusting isn't hard. There's honestly nothing to tell. The only significant difference between working here and the States is that I have to carry my rifle and a loaded magazine everywhere I go.

Keep praying, but mostly for Helen.