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Saturday, June 28, 2008

the week, in Photo

Yup, this picture pretty much sums up our week last week.

Those would be my new shoes. Pretty cute, huh? (Thanks for the Kohl's gift card, Kyndell!)
Also related to Jackie's and my exciting trip to Kohl's is my cute little green jacket... $3. :D And I wore that jacket to the movie we went to with Tim and Sherri (don't worry, you're not supposed to know who they are; they're friends).

If you look really closely at my leg, you can see the stripe of sunburn from my trip to the beach, again with Jackie, because we're friends. For sure.

Also, I wore my new shoes to the Schenck's (yes, there are that many silent c's) when the boys were pouring concrete, and I was concerned, but they survived the boy mud unmarred.

So there you have it, the week in a picture. For more entertaining pictures from this photo shoot, please see facebook.

HD TV... we know YOU will be sucked in, but what will it do to your pets?

Thursday, June 26, 2008


So I haven't posted in awhile, but that's because we've actually been doing stuff! Exciting, I know. Matt had duty on Sunday, so he got to come home Monday at noon. That evening (after a nap) we went to a friends to help with his sidewalk pouring project and got it framed up (the actual work here was of course done by the boys), and then went back the next day to do the actual concrete mixing after work. Then on Wednesday evening we went out with some very sweet friends who bought us dinner for Matt's going away, if we ever manage to get the Marine Corps to sign all the papers that say we can actually go. We went to see Kung Fu Panda after that, which was not deep but entertaining. I went to the beach on Wednesday afternoon, and did laundry with her today, so we've gotten to hang out a lot this week, which is nice since I'll be leaving soon. I even brought my camera to the beach for blogging purposes, but alas, it stayed in the bag the whole time. We've been a busy bunch, but it's been fun!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Exactly how tall ARE giraffes?

Friday, June 20, 2008

I always knew those squirrels were up to something...


Item of Interest

But he probably did! Haha! Who comes up with this stuff? I found this on a blog (www.stuffchristianslike.net, of course), and here are some of my favorite comments... because really, there's just so much to say here:

dyskyzed said...

So this post is awesome! Jesus on a dinosaur. The only way you could make Jesus OR dinosaurs cooler would be to put them together.
I feel I must point out though that the dinosaur is not a T-Rex. The claws are a dead givaway. The T-Rex only has two. My money would go with the smaller, three-clawed Allosaurus. The cool thing is, I only know this because I've been corrected by my six year-old daughter.

bpinks said...

gk- went to the flickr site, and in the comments found the best thing ever- a dinosaur should be referred to as a "Jesus horse".

Flicker site is http://flickr.com/photos/bar-art/414998399/
Jules said...

Things I love about this:

1)Jesus has a cape.
2)Jesus is riding the t-rex/allosaurus/raptor bareback
3)Dinosaur bridles were evidently readily available in first-century Palestine

What do you think Jesus did with His 'saur while he was preaching? Since dinosaurs clearly survived until Jesus' time (unclear what happened after that) there must have been a provision for this. Leviathan parking? Valet-o-sauruses? (Or is it Valet-o-saurii?) Actually, knowing Jesus, He would probably have parked His own 'saur.

Also why aren't there more parables involving dinosaurs? Since He "probably" rode them around, you would think they would make an easy and impressive visual prop. I for one am curious about the ways in which the Kingdom of Heaven is like a 3-ton carnivorous reptile. Mustard seeds. Pphhhhbbb.

Ne'er-Do-Good said...

I'm always inspired by haiku. Here's one for this post:

Mighty dinosaur
You look really fun to ride
What Would Jesus Do?

muskrat said...

so, when he rode in on the dinosaur, did the town's people throw down small furry animals instead of palm branches?

And of course I have no comment. Maybe if I play the piano or paint on the easel or tend my hydroponic flower garden... (and sadly, that was a Sims reference... hopefully no one got that.)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I am going to put a letter in the mailbox!

That's right, at 8:15 on Tuesday morning, I am going to 1) not be asleep, 2) be fully dressed, to the point of wearing shoes, 3) leave the house (shocker!), and lastly 4) do something useful. I know, it's almost too much for me too. The only other thing I have to blog about is that my SIM family had a baby, but I'm pretty sure Matt would have a transient ischemic attack and die if I made a whole blog post about that.

His name is Squishy, which Matt picked out. Later I decided I wanted to name him Oliver.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quote of the Day

"A lot of Christian children songs are like sunshine deep fried in cotton candy served on a plate made of sugar and rainbows."

"The butt is not a billboard."

-Jon Acuff, stuffchristianslike.net

Friday, June 06, 2008

Update on the Hurley's

Well, nothing extraordinary has happened since the last post, but in more mundane affairs, we've decided to cut back on our food budget, to practice being poor. Our current criteria is that whatever we eat has to be less than $1 per serving. Tricky, but not impossible. We're starting the third week, and here are a few of the recipes that have already become affordable stand-by's:

Split Pea Soup
split peas $0.76
1/2 large onion $0.58
2 carrots $0.16
a little butter
salt and pepper
Total for the pot is $1.52, and we got at least 4 servings out of it, so that would be about $0.36 per serving. Whoopee! Also, this recipe is reallly good.

can o' spaghetti sauce $0.96
link of Italian sausage $0.58
1/3 lb of spaghetti $0.37
frozen veggie on the side $0.50
Total $2.41, at least 3 servings, so $0.80 a serving. I estimated on the amount of spaghetti I actually used. If you leave out the sausage, it comes to $0.61 a serving.

Pretty much any reasonable recipe can be converted to $1 per serving if you take out enough meat and add enough rice or beans to up the number of servings. If you buy those big giant bags of rice and beans, the rice comes out to $0.21 a cup dry, and the beans are $0.19 a cup dry, which is pretty affordable even in great quantities. Examples of recipes that are likely to be cheap: beans and rice (someone let me know if they have a good recipe), fried rice, very ricey casseroles, bean-based soups, etc. Sometimes I add corn muffins or biscuits on the side to make life more enjoyable.

One last observation: breakfast, it's expensive. Now, my husband eats a LOT of cereal, so those boxes don't last more than 5 servings. Add to that the 3 cups of milk in each bowl, and you can see the problem. So one bowl of cereal for Matt is $0.78 of milk and $0.50 of cereal, for a whopping $1.28 (assuming milk is $4.18 a gallon, and box of cereal is $2.50). And then you have to keep milk stocked, so you have to drink it quickly before it goes bad, which can result in additional loss. Instead we make pancakes. We found this nifty "complete" pancake mix, where all you have to do is add water, which is nice at 5:30 in the morning, and you aren't required to make a certain amount of batter because you can't figure out how to add half an egg. So instead of $1.28 a day, I buy a box of mix for $1.50ish which lasts 3 to 4 weeks, and all I have to do is put the pan on to heat up while I mix the batter and I have 2 or 3 pancakes in a few minutes (I haven't actually timed it; I'll see if I can remember to do that tomorrow morning) and I can get Matt's lunch together while the pancakes are cooking.

So there you are, my thoughts on frugality.