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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big Hair: Before and After

Before and After

So yup, this is what my husband has been doing since he left the Marine Corps in July.

That's right, growing big hair and a matching beard.

I can't say I was particularly pro-beard in the beginning, now I really like it. Matt says it makes his head look more balanced. Well, appearances can be deceiving.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Was She Broken?!?

We had little Meepers fixed on Thursday. It was very sad. She came home all dopey and gaunt and slept on her heated blanket all evening. The next day, though, she was already feeling much better and jumping up onto things that were probably too high (try keeping a cat from jumping, it doesn't work very well) and being a quieter version of her usual self. Today she decided that she really missed playing, but we've been trying not to play with her too much, since it is after all only the third day since her surgery. She looks her normal weight now too, which is a relief. That was our excitement for this week. Meep seems to still love us, despite her ordeal. Matt will be very happy to have his playmate back once she gets her stitches out and is back to normal.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Day the Cat got Peed On

That would be today, for those interested.

I won't say who did it, but what happened was that the cat, who likes to drink water out of the sink and jumps onto the sink via the (usually closed for that reason) toilet, decided to jump onto the (no longer closed) toilet while someone was peeing into it. She was then offended when she, erm.., got wet.

Today is also the Day the Cat got a Bath. It wasn't too bad, at least on the human end. Not too many claws, but some desperate clinging. Let's just say that it doesn't take too much water to flood our little bathroom.

No worries, she is back to her regular fluffy self, and appears to have forgiven all parties involved in the peeing and subsequent bathing.

Pictures when I find the camera cord, because even though she was a sweetheart for her bath, I still get to post wet cat pictures.